Are anti-virus programs 100% effective?

In a word, No. While you really need to have some type of anti-virus software, nothing is 100%. The more popular the anti-virus, the harder hackers try to do more damage. Viruses come from just about everything now. You may think you need as much security as you can get and load several anti-virus program, however, some of these programs will fight each other and SLOW YOU DOWN. We used to think PDF files were safe but not so much anymore. Viruses can even come through your browser. When installing a browser (such as Chrome), make sure to take the check marks out of “add this toolbar” and anything else they want you to add. These can sometimes open a “back door” where viruses can come in.
Be careful what you click on. Saying “OK” to something takes the power away from your anti-virus. Pop-ups from Java and Adobe are mostly viruses. If you get a pop-up that your Java or Adobe needs updated, DO NOT click the pop-up. Instead, go to Micosoft’s website and check your system. Windows updates are usually OK and YOU DO want to do Microsoft’s updates.
If you’re getting a lot of pop-ups or your computer is slow, bring it in. We do virus, adware and malware removal for $90.00.