Backup or Pay the price

Stick with computers long enough and it’s bound to happen: a complete drive failure where all the data is effectively lost.  Do you have a backup strategy? Are you backing up your data at least once a week?  With the increased use of solid-state drives instead of hard drives, the need for a good backup solution is greater than ever.  There’s a mistaken idea that SSD’s are less likely than HDD’s to fail, but I’ve personally seen three SSD’s go kaput just this past year. Recovery of data from a hard drive typically runs at $1000-$2000, while the increased complexities of SSD’s mean recovery often costs twice as much.

taken out of Maximum PC magazine

Our answer? If you are not backing up your data on your own, we can help.  For a $25 setup fee and $5 per month we can automatically backup your data (up to 50 Gig of storage space) on a daily basis.  Come see us! We can help you.