Dangerous Search Words

Taken from PC Magazine December 2017

McAfee has released a study that examines the most dangerous search terms-those most likely to lead you to malicious sites that aim to steal personal data, install malware, or just bombard you with suspicious pop-ups.

Some terms are pretty obvious targets: “free music downloads”, “make money”, and “game cheats”, for example, or anything with the words “free”or “lyrics” in them bring out the hackers. Other dangerous terms are a little harder to fathom: “myspace” and “solitaire”.  The worst search string? “Word unscrambler”.

Diving deeper into the data and grouping together  variations in terms brought out a clear winner: “screensavers”.  Variations on this brought an average 34.4 percent risk. Another area full of scammers is “working from home”-four percent riskier than average.