Virus/Malware Removal

It’s so easy these days to get a virus. You can get them off the Internet through your browser, your email, pictures, just about anything your computer touches that has access outside of your normal computer programs.
(Please note that there are no anti-virus programs that guarantee to keep viruses off your computer. Hackers are always developing new threats)
Now that I scared you from going out on the web let me tell you how we can help. First of all, we use 15 different tools to make sure those viruses are eliminated. Next we can install an anti-virus program that we prefer for you at no additional charge.
 Bring your computer in anytime during business hours.  Many times your computer can be available to pick up within 48 hours.

$90.00 for PC/$125.00 for MAC

If you have an i-Phone or tablet, it’s usually best to rest it to factory settings.