Facebook Loses Face

 Social Media Giant’s Data Security Slammed as Lax

Facebook’s relaxed attitude to sharing data is coming under increasing pressure from all sides. It is about to lose its chief security officer over a row about how the Cambridge Analytica data breach was handled.  Now it looks as though the law is getting increasingly interested.  The Senate Commerce Committee and the Judiciary Committee have started sending letters and considering hearing.  Meanwhile ex-Facebook employees keep popping up, and describing the company’s data security as “lax”.  One high-level insider in charge of policy violations by third parties claims to have warned it of major data breaches back in 2012. A class action has also been launched by a disgruntled shareholder.

Mr. Zuckerberg has recently put on a suit and tie, and given interviews where he has been apologetic, admitting the company had “made mistakes”. He confirmed that the people who put content on Facebook own that content.  Exactly, sir, that’s why they are so annoyed at it being leaked left, right and center.

taken from PC Magazine May 2018