Gaming Disorder Official

Taken from PC Magazine – March 2018

The World Health Organization has classified an addiction to gaming as a mental health disorder, and has issued a guide that outlines the symptoms and diagnosis of the condition.  Many countries already recognize gaming addiction as an identifiable and treatable condition.  South Korea has a law that bans those under 16 from playing online games between midnight and six in the morning. China also limits the hours for younger players.

Not everybody is happy about this.  Critics argue that extensive gaming is simply a coping mechanism for other mental health issues, rather than a specific one in itself.  They point out that any “fun” activity can be taken to extremes, and cause suffering.  To be clear, this isn’t about enthusiastic players, or the odd night lost to a marathon session.  Gaming as an intense hobby is a long way from addiction.  Sadly, it’s young children who often suffer serious neglect when parents become more interested in gaming sessions than them.