RiverTalk Newspaper

Silver Star Computers and Solutions  SAVED River Talk News from a major publishing disaster!

Recently, River Talk’s outdated publishing station “our computer and publishing program” CRASHED!!!

We were in a panic! “What are we going to do?” The answers were obvious; buy a new system and software and FAST!

We began to shop for the new publishing station and software at a local computer company here in Camas & Washougal, and although they would have been able to provide a computer and software, it was going to cost a lot, and I mean A LOT!

So I was urged, like anyone else to go shopping at one of the big box stores outside of our local area, to get a smaller price tag and something comprisable to what we needed to publish the paper and on time. So we went to Best Buy and still, the price tag was VERY HIGH.

I was beginning to become very nervous about publishing the paper and getting out on the stands on time.

What’s the big Deal?
What’s happens if you do not hit the stands on time?
Well, think of it this way, River Talk News has THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dedicated readers that expect River Talk News to be delivered every single Wednesday, just as it has been for the past 25 years out of 30+ that my mother Dodi has owned it.

Now, just imagine 10% of those Thousands & Thousands of dedicated readers calling you on the phone…
“Where is River Talk ?”
“I’ve been everywhere, you’re out of River Talk papers !”
“Hi, I’m calling from Safeway, our customers are complaining to us that there’s no River Talks !”

As my wife noticed me shrinking under the pressure of pending doom, she reminded me of Silver Star Computers and Solutions. “They advertise in River Talk, silly guy, call them and see what they can do” she says.

So I called Silver Star Computers and Solutions and explain the problem that we are having, he asks me a couple quick questions to determine my exact needs, and told me to stay by the phone, he’d call write back with good news. As I hung up the phone I had a strong sense of REST come over me. I exhaled as thought the problem was, “No More”

He kept his promise! He called back with great news that I can still barely believe! He explains my options to me, most of which I had already found on my own. Ie…he explained that I could go here and there and what I would find is, new equipment and software would cost a small fortune, considering. Then he gave the other alternative, “Matthew, let me build you a system from the ground up, that does everything you need and more, but for less than half the price of that you’ve been quoted by everyone else thus far.”

SOLD! YES! Please Now! THANK YOU!!!

Silver Star Computers and Solutions not only built River Talk’s new computer system, but he also set us up with a large dual monitor system (as seen in the picture with Matthew Buitron-River Talk News) and all of the publishing software too! After I got it home, he sent message to log onto their “Instant Support” and from his office he hopped onto River Talk’s new system located at our office, just to make sure things was running smoothly, and then he set me loose to publish the paper on time.

Yeah Silver Star Computers and Solutions !!! Yeah!!!

River Talk News wants to say THANKS to Locally Owned & Operated, Lamb Solutions.
We also want to recommend Silver Star Computers and Solutions to anyone in Camas & Washougal for their/your Computer and Technology needs. Whether you need personal services or business services, they can help!

What kind of computer & technical services? EVERYTHING!!!
Hardware, software, anywhere, it’s all better with Silver Star Computers and Solutions

Are you a business? Call Silver Star Computers and Solutions for ANY technical problems that you’re are having.

Are you having problems with your personal computer or device? Call Silver Star Computers and Solutions!

You’ll be glad that you did!

Thanks for reading River Talk News!
And Thank You Silver Star Computers and Solutions !!!