Triple C Auto Brokers

Even though we are one of the fastest growing businesses in the area, we knew there was more we could do to improve business. We called on Lamb Solutions to come in and help. David has been instrumental in helping us achieve that goal.

t good business sense. The cost of adding the additional lines through Comcast was more than we wanted to spend. David has converted our analog lines into VoIP.(we now use the internet for our phone calls) and networked ALL of our phones, including the cell phones we use outside to be able to handle up to 20 incoming calls! We should never miss a call during business hours again.

Next, we’re adding more features to the phone system to give our customers better service and the feeling they are dealing with a competent professional company, along with features to help train employees in sales and customer service.

In the past, we have used other technical people but always had to wait until they had the time to come out. That was a real pain when you had a customer sitting there at your desk. One quick call to Lamb Solutions and David can be here in 10 minutes. He was even able to fix our printer to accommodate all of the forms we use, something others were not able to do. He was also able to manipulate some existing software we had to fit the needs of OUR SMALL business. This is just the start of our business relationship with Lamb Solutions. They are honest, prompt, genuinely care about our business and best of all……… My advice to anyone who owns a business or is thinking of starting one and wants technical help or advice is call these guys. THEY WORK WITH YOU ON A SMALL BUSINESS BUDGET!

Thank you Lamb Solutions,

Triple C Auto Brokers

Washougal, WA 98671